We protect everything from eggs to glass bottles/jars, from electronic goods to medical materials, with our molded pulp packaging products by providing cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and environmental protection.

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ARMA Viyol As an Innovative Company in the Field of Molded Pulp Packaging Products

ARMA Viyol is an ARKOC organization. ARMA Viyol, which was founded in 2020 by gaining strength from the experience of ARKOC VANA coming from 1991, continues to grow day by day. We stand out in the field of Molded Pulp (Fiber) Packaging with our reliable, durable, environment-friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable products.

ARMA Viyol was founded for the purpose of manufacturing molded pulp packaging products from paper pulp for use in the packaging of industrial products. For about 12 years, ARMA Viyol has produced various types of molded pulp packaging products (Egg Molded, health products, industrial products, etc.) by using pulp obtained from recycled paper.

ARMA Viyol carries out its production activities in a closed area of 8,000 m2 with three modern production lines and 60 employees.

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Manufacturing of molded pulp packaging products is the process of forming paper pulp by using molds designed for each product. The dimensions of many products are more complex than a simple cube. A molded pulp packaging product is a material that can be shaped fantastically by allowing deep pits to be opened in order to protect the most fragile corners and protrusions of delicate products.


The application areas of molded pulp packaging appear in different ways. It can be applied for buffer packaging of electrical and electronic appliances, food packaging, flower and fertilizer containers, corner protection of furniture, packaging of bottled materials, disposable containers used in hospitals, and many more. In short, it can protect everything you care about that you don't want to break, from food to soft drink bottles, and from television, household appliances to medical products.


Molded pulp packages are environmentally friendly. They meet ISO 14000 and European Green Dot standards. They are 100% recyclable products. Packaging products made from molded paper pulp are not in a self-flammable structure. It is also non-toxic (non-toxic) after burning. It is completely safe. The material or finished product can be 100% biologically decomposed after disposal. In line with environmental protection requirements, the recycling costs of molded pulp products are very low.


The studies conducted have revealed many advantages of molded pulp packaging compared to plastic foam packagings such as EPE, EPP, and EPS. In addition, the advantages and durability of molded pulp packages have been demonstrated in many tests, such as drop test.


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